A polishing can be used to solve problems such as scratches, restore surface gloss, rough surface (orange peel), ink and chemical spraying, sanding marks, water stains


Remove scratches from fingernails of 100 dogs and cats, and we guarantee the withdrawal of several other types of scratches ..


We remove the water stain from the car windows. Looks like new!


A special technique that lets you paint your vehicle really a mirror, very used in vehicles for exhibition. Visit our photo gallery


Over time the view of the lighthouse, just burning the varnish layer, sometimes for a long time that the car is being used on the streets and freeway, in the rain, in the sun and in different climates. Normal wear this happen more after one grooming and polishing the lighthouse back to stay again.


We work with specific products for every type of interior or tissue banks or leather seat, after the cleaning of hides we revitalisation also to increase its durability.

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